Who dares, wins trial Sat 29th July 2023

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Who dares, wins trial Sat 29th July 2023
« on: July 22, 2023, 09:01:42 AM »
Tickets are now available for who dares wins on Saturday 29th July at Shotts

An RTV Challenge Trial with a Difference.

• To be scored like a challenge event, drivers will compete for the highest score, not the lowest penalty;
• 8 or 10 sections, depends on how much time we spend laying them out, then grading them according to difficulty;
• Cane tops will be red on the right & white on the left, but the numbers on them will bear no relevance to the scores, just the order in which they are tackled. 12 to 1 by the most direct natural line; 
• Different sections will be worth different scores according to their difficulty, ranging from 3 points up to 10 points;
• An easy section will be worth 3 points, IF 'you pass out through the 0 gate'; 
• Difficult sections will be worth 8,9 or 10 points, IF 'you pass out through the 0 gate';
• The score will be displayed at the start of each section (or on your scorecards if we have enough time.);
• As usual, the driver might default by touching canes (you should not just drive over a cane if you are obviously not making it), cross canes or stopping, but each time you default, instead of retiring off the section, you will attempt to carry on to the one gate;
• If you attempt an area twice (losing 2 points) and cannot move forward, you may reverse up to one car length, this will cost 1 point, before making another attempt;
• But each time you default, the score for that section will reduce by 1 point;
• If you get to zero points you retire from that section.

• So, if a section is worth 6 points, and you hit any cane, you'll only get 5 points on your score card;
• Or if you get stuck and stop forward motion, you'll lose a point for each time you get stuck;
• This means you could have six mistakes on that section until it is worth nothing, that's when you will retire off that section;
• You will score NO points at all unless you get a hub through the zero gate;
• Each driver can attempt a section only once;
• If you break down or require assistance then you have failed that section and score zero;
• LWB (over 100”) as usual gets one free 'shunt', this must be shouted prior to stopping. It may only be used if it is impossible to get around a turn, NOT because the driver has made a mistake or simply to get a better line;
• No course cutting. A reasonable attempt at a gate must be made. CoC’s decision is final;

Joker Section.
Double or nothing.
• Just to make it a bit more interesting and bring some tactics into the game, drivers will have to nominate one 'Joker' section, after walking it but before anyone starts driving it;
• For this, you have to make no mistakes and ‘clear’ it to double that section's score, but only if you get a 'clear';
• If you default, even once on that section, you will retire off it and get no points for your joker section ;

• You could play your Joker on an easy section and double it's score from 3, up to 6 points, if you get a 'clear'
• Or, if confident, you could play it on a difficult ’10’ section and get 20 points, if you clear it.
• Of course you might get nothing for it, if you make only one mistake !  =  WHO DARES WINS !


• We recommend you secretly tell the scoring marshal your intention to play your ‘Joker’ and they will keep the Master score-sheet hidden from all competitors. As we all know, the motto inspires secrecy !
• Misinformation, distortion, extortion, propaganda, bribery and half-truths are compulsory.
• Because competitors can carry on driving the section even if they make a few mistakes, it will give everyone value for money, a full day's driving and opportunity to disrupt and defeat the enemy.

• Entry fee £20.
• Classes as per RTVs….RTV Class 1, Class 2 and Q.
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