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Clarification on the ALRC rules about cars at events

As a member of the Association of Land Rover Owners Clubs, we are bound by Association rules, as well as MSA rules and our own club regulations.

At the 2012 AGM, the following was minuted:

10.   Rule Change Proposals
a. Privilege Events.  
After the recent discussions at general meetings and the period of being able to hold five events a year it was agreed by the ALRC Council, at their meeting on the 11th February 2012 that it was necessary to add an extra section to the ALRC Competition Supplementary Regulations to cover Privilege Events.  
From the feedback forms received from clubs having applied for privilege events in 2011 very few entries are from non-ALRC clubs.
It must be remembered that the ALRC Council have the authority to issue amendments to the ALRC Supplementary Regulations at any time.
The following wording was proposed by Andrew Flanders, seconded by Steve Kirby and agreed unanimously by the ALRC Council that it be implemented with immediate effect from 11th February 2011. (Ian: I presume they mean 2012)
U.1. ALRC member clubs may invite non-ALRC member, MSA registered clubs to compete in a maximum of five events in any one calendar year.
U.2. Prior written approval of the invitation must be obtained from the ALRC Secretary.
U.3. Events must be held under a MSA event permit applied for by the host club.
U.4. Events must be held under MSA regulations, ALRC regulations and any ASR’s as required by the host club.
U.5. ALRC club members entering an event using an ALRC member club membership card must enter using an ALRC compliant vehicle.  They may not enter a non-ALRC compliant vehicle unless they enter using a non-ALRC club membership card.
ALRC clubs are reminded that if these rules are breeched, especially U.5. then the MSA permit could be compromised.    We are not able to stipulate that ALRC members must use ALRC compliant vehicles at non-ALRC club events as those clubs would not be aware of the ALRC regulations.  This regulation is to ensure that the membership card supports the vehicle entered in terms of eligibility so that the insurance of the event is not compromised.
Members with ALRC club membership cards can go to non-ALRC clubs and may drive vehicles that comply with that clubs SR’s provided their club has been invited to the event.
The five events are classed as either a full day’s events counting as one permit or one event over two days counting as one permit.  As all applications are received by Simone Birch and monitored this is not seen as a problem as clubs are not asking for more than the allotted number.
This wording has been added to the ALRC SR’s to ensure that ALRC club events are entered correctly and has been welcomed by the MSA.
This new regulation is already added to the SR’s available on the website and has been sent to all clubs for them to pass on to their members.
Members are reminded that SR’s for other clubs need to be read before they enter an event.
The club committee will investigate the options to challenge this rule.
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